Now Booking Complimentary IGNITE Sessions!
I help high achieving professions, entrepreneurs and leaders transform and synergize the FLOW of their mind, body, and heart so they can live purposeful and powerful lives!
If that's you... I would personally like to work with you one-on-one in creating success you
desire with flow and intentional action!
Hi! I'm Flo Barbee-Watkins 
CBO, Chief Breakthrough Officer
  • Over 25+ years mentoring and advising on personal growth 
  • Pastor of The Avenue Charlotte Since 2002
  • Certified Coach in Emotional & Social Intelligence
  • Bio-hacker & Human Potential Coaching Specialist
  • Certified Trainer in Relationship Coaching
  •  Expert in Essential Oils & Aromatherapy 
On This Complimentary Call
We will discuss:
 What are you currently stuck or struggling with in life?
 What goals and desires do you want to achieve?
  What blocks or limiting beliefs are holding you back?
  How would your life change if you achieved your goals?
  What areas do you need support in to see accelerated "flow motion"?
If we decide to work together further in one of my premium programs,

 we'll focus on 3 things:
Your mind controls your reality. Reshaping and analyzing the thoughts we have about ourselves.
How we take care of our health has a direct correlation to the quality of our lives. 
Establishing and nurturing relationships is at the core of a healthy, happy life.
This is for you if...
 Are ready to take control of your life and stop feeling helpless.
 Are ready to do the work required for change.
 Determined to live your best life NOW rather than later.
 Are not in financial distress and are excited at the idea of investing premium in yourself and future.
When should you invest in yourself?
When Is It the "Right Time..."
Reaching out for support can be scary but so is being unclear, unsure and unmotivated on how to create the success in your life you know you were meant to have. 

It is scary to think that people will spend their whole lives trying to figure out how to be "whole" and will let FEAR of the doing the work and investing in themselves be the reason why they don't have what they truly desire. 

Don't let that be you! 

And guess what? 

It doesn't have to be HARD!

It can be easy and with FLOW! You will need to take action but it will be with intentional Motion so you don't waste energy and time being busy without being productive.

If you are reading this, there is no coincidence you are here! Take the next step and apply for a complimentary (no cost) Ignite Session and let's see where the possibilities take you!! 
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